Monday, September 22, 2014

"Hey, I heard you were doing pilates! Didn’t know you had a core."
"I do. It’s like steel."


Diane though like you think you’ve won lol whatever losers I’m going to go have so much sex with my cowboy


fangirl dilemma: livin life

fangirl dilemma: livin life

Monet asks,

Im doing a science fair project on what causes people to ‘fangirl,’ and I’m looking for answers on how to stop since I for one am a die-hard One Direction fan. Help? 

First of all, GOOD FOR YOU for generating awareness about the science of fangirling. I’m curious to see what your findings were.


I get a lot of messages from people about how to stop fangirling. My first…

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Thinking about doing a Fangirl Therapy podcast where people can talk about their interests, challenges, fandom problems etc. Would anybody be interested in this? 

Diane Lockhart in 6x1 “The Line”

I have demands first.

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Hi kids. Welcome to my first recap of The Super Terrific Diane Lockhart Variety Hour. It’s Fall TV time, Julianna’s eyebrows are back, and it’s going to be a wild ride. 

Episode 6x01: The Dude Roundup

The episode opens with Cary being arrested for being the only central male character left. image

Taking advantage of their luck, Diane and Alicia meet to discuss a takeover of the show. “Alicia,” she says, “We have the chance to make this the largest show in the country led by ladies.” Alicia diligently takes notes on how to be flawless, but is still skeptical. 


Terrified that he could be the next dude on the chopping block, David Lee tries to win back more traditional network viewers with sugar and lesbian scare tactics. 


Even the Governor isn’t safe. 


Still unsure if the coup is feasible, Alicia is surprised to find that fangirls across the world have chipped in to donate the funds to round up the rest of the dudes and send them into retirement. And hire Elsbeth full-time. image

She calls Diane, who is more than thrilled to daydream about all the episodes that can now be dedicated to her personal life. 


That’s it for now folks! Tune in next time to find out whether Christine will do her famous tongue laugh, whether Julianna’s eyebrows will take over the world, and whether Carrie Preston will play with a basket of kittens.